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All About Service Catalog Order Guide!!!

Lets say you understand Service catalog and understand the whole process of creating, delivering and using catalog items & workflows. After a basic understanding think about the next level such as

  • How to make service catalog experience more helpful?
  • How to utilize service catalog more effectively?
  • Can it be used to save time and money?

Keeping all the above points in mind, ServiceNow introduced Order Guides. It provides an opportunity to order more than one item under one service catalog request. These generated items are related to a particular task or theme.

For example – New Hire Order Guide.

This order guide contains all such services which are needed by a newly hired employee such as laptop, access, phone etc. & ordered it altogether as a bundle. The number of items varies from organizations to organizations.

Order Guide

How Order Guides Works?

Any order guide has three basic components

  • Describe Needs
    • Overall details of Order Guide (description etc)
    • Common variables of Order Guides
  • Choose Options
    • It display various catalog items based on variables at first step
    • User has to provide details asked in each item tab
Catalog Items Tabs
  • Checkout
    • A confirmation screen for all items
    • Once all done click Checkout button to submit the request
Confirmation Screen
Order Complete

Benefits of Order Guides?

  • It helps in preplanning an event and its fast execution.
  • You can select a catalog item to be ordered based on conditions from users. Hence, Order guides controls which items to order by assessing order guide rule conditions.
  • It uses cascading variables to pass on common information of variables to all the ordered items.
  • We have to option to run Order Guides automatically without the need of any manual request submission.
  • A script field is available to add/remove catalog items using script in case you are not able to add/remove items using rule base. Write the following code in the order guide script field to
Add Item: guide.add(“<sys_id_of_cat_item>")
Remove Item: guide.remove(“<sys_id_of_cat_item>")

What is the purpose of Two Step field?

  • If the Two Step field is not checked you will see an addition confirmation screen before submission of order guide request.
  • It provides an opportunity to review/modify the catalog item list.
  • So, there are basically three total steps instead of 2 steps.
  • If two step is checked, no confirmation screen is shown and request gets submitted upon the click of Checkout button.
Two Steps

What is Rule Base related list?

The order guide rule base is used to-

  • Provide condition options based on order guide variables to include the catalog item
  • Option to set the position of catalog items in the order guide
  • Option to force or not force users to fill mandatory fields of catalog items by “Ignore Mandatory Evaluation
  • Enable/ disable cart layout
  • preselect the quantity of catalog items in order guide
  • Enable/disable the number of quantity
Rule Base

How to run Order Guide automatically?

In many cases it is possible to execute order guides automatically. It is possible via

  • Server side scripting
  • Workflows
  • Background script

You can use the SNC.ScriptableOrderGuide Java class to run order guides with a script. You can find the OOB script here – Click Here

Video Tutorial

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