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Have You Used ServiceNow Collection Field?


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Today we discuss one of the field types in ServiceNow, i.e., the collection field type.

What is a collection type?

  • It is one of the ServiceNow field types available.
  • But you can’t create any custom fields using this type.
  • When anyone creates a new table, the system automatically creates a collection field with no label and no name.
  • As per documentation, any collection field represents a table rather than a field on the table.
  • It means if we make any changes in the attributes, configurations of the field, the changes will be seen on the whole table.
  • It should be noted that for one table, there will be only one collection field.

How do I create a Collection Type Field?

  • It is not allowed to create custom fields of this type.
  • It will be created automatically whenever a table is created
  • Only one field per table is allowed.

Changing Attributes for the Collection Field?

We tried changing the read-only attribute for the corresponding incident collection table field.

And yes, all incident tables are read-only.

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