Difference Between Created, Opened, Updated, Closed In ServiceNow

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We see many out of box system fields in servicenow system. In this article, we discuss many of such field so that you have no confusion at all.

I have taken an example of incident record from my demo instance.

Lets start with very first field you see in the screenshot above.

  • Updated – It is the latest(most recent) timestamp this incident updated by anyone , a user or system anyone. It will change according to update.
  • Updated By – It captures the user Id of account which updated the record recently. It will change on every update according to user.
  • Created – The date/time when the record was created in database or in table. It Never change.
  • Created By – User Id of the account which created the record. It never changes.
  • Opened – It is a timestamp when user starts the creation by clicking Create New. So, it my be same or few second less than Created.
  • Opened by -User Id of the account which opened the record. It never changes.
  • Closed – The timestamp when the record is finally closed and turned to inactive.
  • Closed By – User Id of the account which closed the record. It never changes.

Example Of Created Vs Opened

Lets say operator OP presses ‘Create new’ under the incident application at precisely 11:00 a.m.. He spends approximately 4 minutes entering field information before pressing submit.

For this record, the ‘Opened’ field would be populated with 11:00 a.m., and the ‘Created’ field would be populated with 11:04.

For items such as REST inserts, or record producers, since this creation and opening is technically instantaneous from the form perspective, this is why you probably see identical opened and created values.