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Difference between Incident and Problem in ServiceNow?

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In this article we provide an simple overview and difference between incident & problem processes of ServiceNow.


In ServiceNow, an incident refers to an unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of an IT service. It is an issue that a user has reported or that monitoring systems have discovered, and its main goal is to get the service back to normal operation as soon as possible.

On the other hand, a problem in ServiceNow refers to the underlying cause of one or more incidents. In order to stop such occurrences from happening, the fundamental cause or underlying problem must be found and fixed. Problems are typically investigated separately from incidents to determine the root cause and implement a permanent solution.


FocusRestoration of serviceIdentification and resolution of underlying cause
PurposeResolve unplanned interruptions or issuesInvestigate and prevent recurring incidents
TriggerReported by users or detected through monitoringIdentified through analysis of multiple related incidents
ScopeIndividual disruptionUnderlying issue affecting multiple incidents or services
GoalRestore service to normal operation quicklyIdentify and implement a permanent solution to prevent reoccurrence
ProcessIncident ManagementProblem Management
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