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Difference Between and In ServiceNow?


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In this article, we go through the major differences Between and In ServiceNow.

There are various ways to login into servicenow instance of yours. Above two pages are two of them. However both have different purposes while using. In this articles we try to find out the major differences between these two login utilities of servicenow.

An admin should know the difference between these two pages, for this reason this question is being viewed 11099 times in ServiceNow community. vs
UsageLogin page for end-users and administratorsLogin page for administrators only
AuthenticationUses standard login credentialsUses a pre-defined admin user and password
AccessAllows access to ServiceNow platform functionalitiesAllows access to ServiceNow backend system
Session managementManages user sessionsManages admin user sessions
Session lifetimeControlled by session timeout settingsUnlimited
Use casesEnd-users can login and access ServiceNow applicationsAdministrators can login and perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks
SecuritySubject to user authentication and authorization controlsSubject to admin user authentication and authorization controls
UsesHere User login authentication is done and it can be Overridden for a custom login.By using this the instance will ignore all installation exits and present the standard username and password login form.
UsesThis is the default which takes a username/password pair and authenticates with the user object.It is used when your identity provider isn’t available or refuses to log anyone in
UsesIt is a general login page for your servicenow instanceIt is used to get side door/ back door entry when normal login is disabled or not allowed
Recommended usageEnd-users should use to login to should only be used by trained ServiceNow administrators
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