Difference between Performance and platform analytics

Here’s a comparison between Performance and Platform Analytics in ServiceNow presented in a table format:

AspectPerformancePlatform Analytics
FocusPrimarily focused on system and service performanceAnalyzing data and gaining insights from within the ServiceNow platform
ScopeIncludes monitoring system speed, efficiency, and service delivery metricsPerformance data from the ServiceNow system and services
Key FeaturesSystem performance monitoring, service level tracking, KPI measurementDashboards, reports, scorecards, predictive modeling, usage analysis, cost tracking, service performance monitoring, security analysis
PurposeOptimizing system performance and service deliveryAnalyzing data to drive informed decision-making, improve operations, and achieve business objectives
Target AudienceSystem administrators, IT managers, service ownersBusiness analysts, IT leaders, service managers, security professionals
Use CasesIdentifying bottlenecks, optimizing resource allocation, improving service levelsPredicting trends, optimizing resource usage, enhancing user experience, detecting security threats, reducing costs
Data SourcesPerformance data from ServiceNow system and servicesData generated within the ServiceNow platform, including usage data, service metrics, cost data, security logs, etc.
IntegrationIntegrates with ServiceNow monitoring tools and data sourcesIntegrates with various ServiceNow modules and external systems for data collection and analysis
OutcomeImproved system efficiency, enhanced service delivery, better user experienceInformed decision-making, operational optimization, cost reduction, enhanced security posture, improved service quality

This table concisely compares Performance and Platform Analytics in ServiceNow, highlighting their focus, scope, key features, target audience, use cases, data sources, integration, and expected outcomes. While Performance focuses primarily on system and service performance monitoring, Platform Analytics offers a broader range of analytics capabilities to analyse data within the ServiceNow platform to drive informed decision-making and improve operational efficiency.

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