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Difference between service portal and employee centre

It is one of the most viewed questions in the Servicenow community. I tried to explain each term and finally provided the comprehensive difference between the service portal and the employee centre.

Here’s a comparison between Service Portal and Employee Center presented in a table format:

FeatureService PortalEmployee Center
PurposeCustomizable self-service portal for all usersDedicated portal for employees’ self-service needs
AudienceEmployees, customers, partners, etc.Internal employees
CustomizationHighly customizable with custom pages, widgets, workflows, etc.Customizable to meet employee-specific needs
FeaturesService catalogs, knowledge bases, request forms, dashboards, etc.Personal information management, time off requests, HR services, company news, etc.
IntegrationIntegrates with various ServiceNow modules and external systemsIntegrates with HR, IT, and other business functions within ServiceNow
ScopeBroad, serving multiple user groups and purposesNarrow, focused on serving the needs of employees

This table concisely overviews the key differences between Service Portal and Employee Center, highlighting their respective purposes, audiences, customization options, features, integration capabilities, and scopes.

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