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Difference between WorkFlow and Flow Designer

It is one of the most viewed questions in the Servicenow community. I tried to explain each term and finally provided the comprehensive Difference between ServiceNow WorkFlow and Flow Designer.

Here’s a comparison between Workflow and Flow Designer in ServiceNow presented in a table format:

FeatureWorkflowFlow Designer
Type of ToolTraditional workflow engine.Modern, visual, low-code automation tool.
InterfaceTypically configured using forms and lists.Graphical drag-and-drop interface.
DevelopmentIt may require scripting for complex logic.Visual, no-code/low-code development.
ComplexityEncourages the creation of reusable actions and components for broader applicability.Supports complex logic and decision-making.
IntegrationIt can trigger workflows in response to catalogue requests with more profound integration possibilities.Tightly integrated with Integration Hub for seamless integration with external systems.
Service Catalog IntegrationEncourages the creation of reusable actions and components for broader applicability.It can be integrated with the Service Catalog for process automation.
ReusabilityLimited reusability, often specific to individual processes.It can trigger workflows responding to catalogue requests with more profound integration possibilities.
MonitoringLimited monitoring capabilities, typically through logs and reports.Built-in monitoring and analytics for tracking workflow execution and performance.
Target UsersAdministrators, developers, and process owners.Business analysts, process owners, and citizen developers.
CustomizationConfigurable with limited customization options.Highly customizable with Action Designer for creating custom actions.
Use CasesTraditional business process automation.Digital transformation initiatives, automation of complex workflows, and integration with external systems.

Overall, while ServiceNow’s Workflow offers traditional process automation capabilities, Flow Designer provides a more modern and flexible approach to automation with its visual, low-code interface, extensive integration capabilities, and support for complex workflows.

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