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Differences Between a Case and Incident in ServiceNow?


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In this article, we go through the differences between a Case and an incident in ServiceNow.

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An unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT serviceA collection of related information, incidents, problems, and tasks that are often managed together to achieve a specific goal
Reported by end-users or detected by monitoring toolsMay be initiated by end-users or IT staff as part of a planned project or change
Assigned based on impact and urgency on business operationsAssigned based on the overall importance and level of effort required to resolve the case
Typically measured in hours or daysTypically measured in days or weeks
Based on the affected service or systemBased on the nature of the problem or the desired outcome
Incident management process involves the detection, logging, categorization, prioritization, investigation, diagnosis, escalation, resolution, and closure of incidentsCases are usually managed through a specific process such as problem management, change management, or project management
May follow a predefined workflow or can be customized based on organizational requirementsTypically follows a predefined workflow that is specific to the type of case being managed
May require collaboration between different IT teams and stakeholders for resolutionMay require collaboration between different teams and stakeholders for resolution, but may also be managed by a single team
May be associated with a parent incident or problemMay be associated with one or more parent cases, problems, or changes
A user reports that they cannot access a particular applicationA company wants to upgrade its IT infrastructure and needs to plan and execute the project while managing any issues that arise during the process

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