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Horizontal Discovery vs Top-Down Discovery in ServiceNow

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This blog is dedicated to one of the fundamental topics of the ServiceNow discovery process. It provides you with the simplest and easiest explanation of Horizontal and top-down discovery.

Horizontal Discovery vs. Top-Down Discovery?

Horizontal DiscoveryTop-Down Discovery
DefinitionDiscovers and maps infrastructure devicesDiscovers and maps dependencies and relationships between infrastructure components
ApproachScans the network horizontallyBegins discovery from a specific device and explores its dependencies recursively
Discovery SpeedFasterSlower
Depth of DiscoveryLimited to discovered devicesExtends beyond discovered devices
Advantages– Quick identification of devices– Detailed understanding of dependencies
– Efficient for large networks– Accurate representation of the environment
– Useful for network device management– Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities
Disadvantages– May miss dependencies between devices– Time-consuming for complex environments
– Limited visibility into relationships– Potentially resource-intensive

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