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How To Create a New List View & Form View in ServiceNow?

What are views?

Views are ways to display fields according to user roles and needs. Both forms and lists have view options. As an admin, you can create, modify, delete, and add conditional applications of views in forms and lists. It is one of the most asked questions and has been viewed 27600 times.

Every table has box views, such as default and advanced views. In this article, I will demonstrate views based on the incident table. In both, click on the Ham icon (three lines) and go to the Views context menu, as shown in the images below.

  • Users with the admin or view_changer roles can change views.
  • Based on roles, admin & users can switch between views by clicking the list context menu at the top left corner of the list and then selecting Views > [Desired View].
default list view
Default List View
form default view
Default Form View

Remember – Switching views submits the form, which saves all changes and triggers any onSubmit client scripts that apply.

How do I create or modify a form view?

Please follow the below steps carefully

  • Navigate to the table you want to create or delete the view
  • Open a record, then right-click the header and select Configure > Form Layout
form layout
  • To modify/ update the view first select the view and then the section and then finally move the fields in the slush bucket
configure form
  • To create a new view, go to the View name choice list, and select New.
new form view
  • As soon as you click on New, it asks for the name of the view. give the name you want such as “Demo view”. Click Ok.
new form view
  • After clicking OK, a default section with the same name as the table is created, you can add/ remove fields from it.
  • Add a new section by clicking on “New” in the section choices and then it prompts for the section name. Provide a name and add/ remove the fields as per your need.
form section
  • Like this, you can add any number of sections and finally click on Save. It will redirect you to the form and you can check your view with updated details.

How do I create or modify a list view?

It is almost the same procedure as for form view. Just open the table in list view, right-click on the list header and go to Configure-> List layout.

  • Rest all the steps are same as for form view create/ update.

What are the view rules in ServiceNow?

So now you know how to create/ modify/ delete a view in servicenow. Generally, all the views are available for ITIL/ admin users. However, in case you want to restrict a set of users to a particular view, in that case, view rules come into the picture.

Following are the pointers about view rules that you have to consider before making a view rule-

  • View rules do not apply to users who have no role. 
  • View rules do not always apply if there are existing user preference entries on the instance. 
  • Delete the user preference entry and clear the system cache to make sure the respective view rule applies

Steps to create a view rule in servicenow

  • Navigate to All > System UI > View Rules
  • Click New
  • Complete the form, using the fields in the table.
  • Click Submit.

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