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How To Get Query Execution Time in ServiceNow?

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In this article we discuss an amazing requirement where we find the time taken by system in execution of a query

Steps to complete the requirement :-

  • So, in requirement that we need to find the duration of creating a child incident.
  • For this we have created a UI Link called Create Child Incident
  • Placed the query in UI link
  • In query we have used StopWatch() class.

The code for UI action is as follows:-

function createChild() {
    var sw = new StopWatch();
// Fetch incident details
    var parentSysID = g_form.getUniqueValue();
    var caller = g_form.getValue('caller_id');
    var cat = g_form.getValue('category');
    var subCat = g_form.getValue('subcategory');
    var desc = g_form.getValue('description');
    var shortDesc = g_form.getValue('short_description');
    // GlideAjax Call
	var ga = new GlideAjax('CreateChildRecord');
    ga.addParam('sysparm_name', 'createRec');
    ga.addParam('sysparm_parentSysID', parentSysID);
    ga.addParam('sysparm_caller', caller);
    ga.addParam('sysparm_cat', cat);
    ga.addParam('sysparm_subCat', subCat);
    ga.addParam('sysparm_desc', desc);
    ga.addParam('sysparm_shortDesc', shortDesc);
	var answer = ga.getAnswer(); 
	var RUL = '' + answer;
	var link = '<a href=' + RUL + '>Link</a>';
    g_form.addInfoMessage("Time taken in creating child incident " + link +  "  is  " + sw.toString() + " ms  " );


Incident screenshots

  • How the UI action looks?
  • The message on click of UI action
  • The new child

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