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How To Use Parameterized Option Of ATF?


In this tutorial, we demonstrate “How to Add Parameters in ATF Tests.”. This is a complete, step-by-step tutorial.

What is Parameterized ATF?

  • This is a way to test with multiple parameters in ATF
  • Many times, we have this requirement to pass multiple parameters and tests.
  • So, to automate this type of test, we have the option of using the “Enable parameterized testing” option in every test of the ATF
  • In this, we have to create “Parameter Definition” and then add respective parameter values under the “Test Run Data Sets” tab.
  • Once we add parameter definitions and data sets, we can add a new step in “Test Steps” to call the parameters.
  • Follow the steps below one by one to accomplish it.

Steps To Activate Parameterized Testing using ATF

  • Open the test where you want to add parameters
  • Click On the “Enable parameterized testing” checkbox
  • Immediately after the click, two new tabs appear at the bottom “Parameter Definition” & “Test Run Data Sets
  • Now go to the “Parameter Definition” tab
  • We have two types of Definition:-
    • Add Exclusive Parameters– parameters only for the current test, not shareable with other tests
    • Add Shared Parameters– parameters that can be shared with other tests as well
    • Now click on “Add Exclusive Parameters” and provide the Type, label & max length as per your parameter
    • Various types are present, so choose according to your parameter
    • Submit
    • In the same way, you can add definitions for other variables and shared parameters as well.
  • Once the parameter Definition is done, go to the next tab i.e. Test Run Data Sets
    • In this tab, we have to add parameters
    • We can add values in two ways:- Directly or by import (in case values are more)
    • We do it by clicking “New” i.e. directly adding the values
    • You can see the parameter name created in the above steps
    • Fill in the parameter value and submit
    • repeat the same for all the values one by one
  • With this your parameters are ready
  • Now you can use this parameter variable (created in the parameter definition) step in any step of your test steps.

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