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Meet ServiceNow Expert – Chuck Tomasi

Last month, I got the opportunity to have a discussion with ServiceNow legend Chuck Tomasi. It was an amazing session, and we discussed quite a lot about Chuck’s professional journey, ServiceNow, and tips for anyone who wants to learn ServiceNow, whether they are freshers or experienced.

I have recorded the session, and it is available on my YouTube channel, ServiceNow 911.

List Of Questions

Following are the questions I asked, and Chuck responded in an amazing manner. His way of talking and explaining made the session engaging and informative.

  1. What transformation do you see in the Chuck who joined ServiceNow in 2010 and the one to whom I am talking right now?
  2. We are seeing that ServiceNow is going deep with generative AI and partnering with companies like NVIDA and Accenture. So how do you see the impact of this on workforce numbers? Does that mean ServiceNow administrators or developers should worry about their jobs?
  3. What is the role of JavaScript in learning ServiceNow scripting? most frequently asked question.
  4. I see you have an interesting designation: Sr. Developer Advocate. What does a developer advocate do?
  5. According to Chuck, which ServiceNow product has not been extensively explored but has great potential?
  6. Why is ServiceNow so eager for new releases? Two releases every year.
  7. What was your first memorable moment in ServiceNow?
  8. What are your suggestions for people who are new to ServiceNow and want to explore it?

Witness the amazing discussion

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