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25 Miraculous ServiceNow Email Properties

There are many useful ServiceNow Email properties that everyone should know. In this article, we discuss what all I possible with email properties, no code just updating the properties.

Turn off/on the email service of your instance

Email sending enabled :
Email receiving enabled : 

Add Test email address for testing in sub-productions

Append timezone to email dates & time

Hide/Show Watermark in sent emails

Resend email in case of SMTP server errors


Stop re-sending emails for certain SMTP errors


Specify roles who can see emails in Activity Formatter


Specify the number of journal fields in the email

You can identify emails as a reply by subject prefixes

Identify email as a forward by these subject prefixes

Automatically create users for incoming emails from trusted domains


Add the default password for users created from emails sent from trusted domains


You can specify the trusted domain list for creating users from incoming email


Set the image size of the inbound email

Default email digest interval

Maximum Number of Email digest intervals count

Maximum number of emails processed concurrently

Enables a system scan of each file that a user attaches to an email draft in the email client

Specifies how the system stores calendar data, such as an invitation or an invitation response

Prevents users from downloading and using virus-infected attached files

Sets the maximum number of attachments allowed per inbound email

Sets the maximum body size in characters allowed per inbound email

Specifies the delimiter used between first and last names

Prevents users from sending emails that contain virus-infected files

Specifies the maximum number of recipients

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