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Now Platform Interview Questions 2024

The Now platform is in demand, and so are its developers and administrators. I am presenting questions related to the Now platform basics that are important from an interview point of view. Please go through it and give your best in the interview.

Define servicenow admin centre application.

  • This platform helps owners and admins to access platform capabilities, find new applications, and get intelligent, actionable insights.
  • Use Adoption blueprints, which tell you which plugins to install based on the organisation’s business objectives
  • Discover the capability of available applications and optimize them to work toward achieving your business goal.
  • Admins will be able to get started quickly with setting up apps, loading initial data, and establishing roles, groups, and users.
  • Admin centre application give the team the power to customize user interfaces, update versions, applications, and module configurations, handle user access, monitor system performance and UI policies, and much more.

What is ServiceNow Subscription Management?

  • A centralized management experience that helps in understanding the company’s licenses and entitlements.
  • It has the information to manage your subscriptions and how they’re utilized on your instances.
  • This app helps you allocate and monitor subscriptions, and display current subscriptions in your instance.
  • Active management of user-based subscriptions and monitoring of capacity subscriptions lets you track usage and adjust allocation efficiently.
  • It is a default app, hence it is free of cost with no extra cost.

What is ServiceNow’s Basic system configuration?

  • It involves modifying your UI to suit your business operations, along with various core configuration settings.
  • It involves Form Administration to customize the look and feel of forms and lists.
  • Provide configurable UI through User Interface Configuration and improve users’ navigation and search experience with Navigation and UI.
  • Enhance your instance and applications with Localization and Time settings
  • All these settings can be easily configurable for mobile devices as well.
  • A wide range of plugins expand the platform further, each customizable to your needs.

How does the ServiceNow Now Platform work?

  • ServiceNow offers a flexible, secure platform with a single data model.
  • The Now Platform is a highly versatile, scalable cloud solution enterprise for IT, operations, business management, and process automation.
  • It offers “The single source of truth” for your business is your data, and holds all your data on a single, secure platform, using a singular data model for all operations.
  • Enterprise applications are delivered through this system, integrating seamlessly with each other and with external services.
  • The Now Platform helps you address your business needs, boosting efficiency and productivity from the individual user through your entire enterprise, saving time and money.

What are the core components of now platform?

  • Now platform has 3 core components – People, Process & system.
  • Seamless integrations between these components ensure better productivity.
now platform components

What is the Architecture of now platform?

  • The Now Platform offers easy customization, live reports and monitoring, and strong data privacy to save your business money and boost productivity.
  • Services on the Now Platform are provided multi-instance, instead of running one instance with multiple users.
  • Administrators can segregate their data between business entities in a multi-instance architecture, offering different experiences per instance while they all remain centrally managed through the platform.
  • Deep customizability is available in all your instances, with easy software installation, data importing, and creation of workflows, processes, applications, or UIs.

Define Servicenow platform analytics.

  • It is the integration of data visualization and analytics functionality into the workspace experience.
  • Users can explore KPIs, and get answers and insights on analytics.
  • Dashboards are available to create a visual story with Platform Analytics data that can be easily shared with others
  • Use data visualizations based on tables, indicators, or other data in dashboards across the Analytics Center.
  • It helps Administrators leverage User Experience Analytics to get information on user engagement with both mobile and web applications, including user population, retention, and behaviour.
  • Process Mining helps you discover ways to streamline your business, find workflow bottlenecks and deviations, and filter and compare processes.

Provide the difference between servicenow and now Platform.

  • These are not separate entities
  • The NOW platform is not a separate product, it’s the architecture over which the various Service Now products are provided.

How servicenow mobile app help?

  • Servicenow mobile applications match desktop access to the Now Platform.
  • The Now Mobile app offers a consumer-grade experience for customers and users to access available services, including help articles and live or virtual agents.
  • ServiceNow mobile, geared toward enterprise service providers, provides tools for task scheduling and handling, communications, GPS and mapping, multimedia uploading, and offline services.
  • Easy no-code configuration and in-depth developer tools, including reusable components, views, and a robust mobile publishing system, give you the tools to build mobile apps yourself

Provide features of Servicenow knowledge base.

  • ServiceNow provides not only the tools your business needs to thrive but also the know-how to use all the platform’s options.
  • Detailed knowledge base articles enable users and agents to get the needed information, handle specialized tasks or processes, troubleshoot, or find other help.
  • Knowledge Management system enables you to create, store, and share information easily within your organization, monitor usage, and collect feedback (including full analytics) to improve your knowledge base.

How Artificial Intelligence works in Servicenow?

  • AI is standard across the Now Platform with Now Intelligence.
  • This purpose-built AI interprets user requests and messages and assists agents with task management and service owners with oversight and knowledge management.
  • You can tailor the AI to meet instance demands for Natural Language understanding database querying, data extraction from documents, and prediction of future data trends.
  • AI Search is part of the standard Now Platform package, for easy information filtering according to user needs.
  • Customized Virtual Agent help is available 24/7.
  • Full AI-based analytics give you detailed data on your business’s lifecycle of workflows and processes.

How to purchase a plugin in Servicenow?

  • Some plugins require a paid subscription before activation.
  • To purchase a subscription, contact your ServiceNow account manager.
  • When you purchase a subscription, specific plugins are activated automatically.
  • If a paid plugin isn’t activated automatically, you can manually activate it from the All Applications list in your instance.
  • If the plugin doesn’t appear in an instance, submit a request via the Now SupportService Catalog.

Can we disable/deactivate a plugin in servicenow?

What is the relationship between plugins in serviceNow?

  • Some plugins depend on other plugins being activated.
  • Sometimes, a plugin cannot work unless one or more other plugins are installed.
    • When you activate a plugin with dependent plugins, the system notifies you of the dependencies before it completes the activation.
    • If you continue activating, the system automatically activates all the required plugins.
  • In other cases, the plugin works, but certain features that do not apply to your system are not installed.
    • When you ask to activate a plugin in this category, the system notifies you of the dependencies before it completes the activation.
    • If you continue, the system will activate the requested plugin but will not include the features that depend on other plugins.

How to activate plugin in Personal Developer Instance?

  • You can test a plugin on your personal developer instance (PDI) before launching it in a production instance.
  • If a plugin isn’t active by default on a PDI, you can activate it without requesting or purchasing it.
  • To activate a plugin on a PDI, use the All Applications page on your instance.
  • If the plugin isn’t available on the All Applications page, activate it from the ServiceNow® Developer Site
  • Some plugins aren’t available for activation on PDIs

How to check a plugin activation status on your instance?

  • Before requesting or activating a plugin, check whether the plugin has already been activated on your instance.
  • For details on how to check a plugin activation status, see the Plugin Activation Status [KB0678767] article in the Now Support knowledge base.

What will happen when we change or add a system property in ServiceNow?

  • Each time you change or add a system property, the system flushes the cache to keep all nodes in the cluster in sync.
  • This cache flush has a very high performance cost of one to 10 minutes, which can potentially cause an outage if performed excessively.
  • To prevent such outages, don’t use a system property to store configuration information that changes more than once or twice a month.
  • Instead, use a custom table to store regularly changing configuration information.

What is the return type of servicenow properties?

  • All property values are stored as strings.
  • When retrieving properties via the gs.getProperty() method, treat the results as strings
  • For example, a true|false property returns ‘true’ or ‘false’ (strings), not the Boolean equivalent

What is the purpose of the “ignore cache” checkbox in the servicenow properties table?

  • The system stores property values in server-side caches to avoid querying the database for configuration settings.
  • If the Ignore cache check box is selected, the system flushes the server cache when the parameter changes.

What is the purpose of the “Private” checkbox in properties?

  • Set this property to true to exclude this property from being imported via update sets.
  • Keeping system properties private prevents settings in one instance from overwriting values in another instance.

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