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ServiceNow ACL Demo Series!!!

Hello everyone,

This post will provide you with an amazing demonstration of access controls. I am running a series on YouTube for the same and explaining the same here. I am uniquely doing this series so that we get the maximum information about access controls.

What happens if a table has no ACL?

In this video, I am demonstrating the following:

  • Creating a new table in the ServiceNow demo instance.
  • Making sure that the table has no parent and no ACL.
  • Then check the table by impersonating an ITIL user and one non-role user.
  • I got a socking result that the table was not accessible to any user except admin.
  • So, if a table has no ACL, then only admins can access it. He can do all types of operations on it.
  • No other user with any role or no role except admin can access the table with no access control on it.

How do I create a ServiceNow ACL?

  • In this video, I have created an ACL.
  • This is a simple ACL on the table created above, with a read operation.
  • I have tried adding role “ITIL” to this ACL and tested it by both ITIL and non-role user Abel Tutor.
  • Watch the below video for a complete understanding.

Difference between table-level and field-level access controls

  • In this video, I have demonstrated making of both types of ACLs
  • Different combinations with roles and table behaviour
  • Examples of both table-level and field-level access control.
  • View below video for step-by-step execution

How do I debug ServiceNow Access Control?

  • In this video, I have shown a complete demo of debugging.
  • How do I debug an access control in ServiceNow?
  • I have shown the number of ACL’s working while the table loads
  • That too, with no ACL active table on the table
  • Watch this interesting demonstration below.

What is the difference between table.none and table.* in ServiceNow ACL?

  • all demo and examples of three acls
  • We tried it with a variety of roles and formed an understanding.
  • must watch.

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