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ServiceNow Admin Center Interview Questions 2024

ServiceNow Admin Center and its developers and administrators are in demand. I am presenting questions related to ServiceNow Admin Center basics, which are essential from an interview point of view. Please go through it and give your best in the interview.

What is the ServiceNow admin centre application?

  • Admin Center provides a central hub for platform owners and admins to access the platform capabilities, discover new applications, and get intelligent, actionable insights.
  • Use the Admin Center application to discover the capability of the available applications and how they can be implemented to work towards achieving your business goal.

What is the purpose of the Admin Home page?

  • Get notified of critical and high-priority incidents
  • Stay updated about the problems and changes on the instance
  • Create and switch to your personalized dashboard based on what is most important to you
  • Stay updated on the current version, scheduled upgrade, and licensed applications status
    on your instance
  • As an admin, get a comprehensive 1-page view of the delta changes on the instance

Can we modify the cards in the admin center dashboard?

  • You can’t add or remove any cards from the Shared admin dashboard.
  • You can create a new dashboard by selecting Create new dashboard.
  • You can modify the cards in your personalized dashboard.

What information is available about the system in the admin center?

  • Admin Home page shows information about the current version, violations, and scheduled upgrades on your instance
  • It also shows the status of licensed applications as a list of installed applications on your instance and the applications that need to be updated

What are adoption blueprints servicenow in the admin center?

  • Adoption blueprints display the applications and features available to you and the recommended solutions to achieve business goals
  • Adoption blueprints are the specific and measurable results that an organization needs to accomplish their growth.
  • You can target strategic business improvements with a set of apps and features.

What are the goals of servicenow adoption blueprints?

  • Optimizing operations to meet the goals of your organization efficiently
    ◦ Reduced service operations cost for premium quality services
    ◦ Focused on simplifying and automating transactions
  • Managing risk more efficiently by improving prioritization, efficiency, and operational
  • Delivering seamless employee experience to increase engagement and productivity with
    proper utilization of resources

How does servicenow suggest adoption blueprints?

  • These are industrial goals based on data and research done by servicenow keeping industrial standards in mind
  • Each adoption blueprint displays the progress you have made in working towards your strategic goal
  • The recommended applications and features have been arranged in the order of impact to give you a measurable result.

What is the servicenow configuration hub?

  • Configuration Hub gives you the ability to quickly find tables, configurations and metadata records related to any application installed on your instance.  
  • Experience the ability to zoom into an application or a group of applications and view all the relevant tables and records on a single page using the Configuration Hub

What are ServiceNow Configuration Hub features?

  • One-stop experience to access all relevant information
  • Enhanced ability to save your preferences for all tables and records
  • Ability to track and view delta changes, over-allocated licenses, and customizations on a
    single screen
  • Enhanced use of multiple filters simultaneously to drill down to a particular application
  • Ability to open and edit a record within Configuration Hub. You don’t need to navigate to the record using the conventional ways.

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