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ServiceNow Chatbot Interview Questions 2024

Here are 30 high-quality interview questions and answers based on the provided text about chatbots.

General Questions about Chatbots

What is a chatbot?

  • Answer: A chatbot is a program that assists users by answering common questions, providing faster resolutions, and reducing pressure on live agents. They simulate human conversation using advanced AI programming and machine learning.

How do chatbots improve the customer experience?

  • Answer: Chatbots offer fast, easy solutions for common questions and tasks, reducing wait times and providing reliable support. They also proactively engage with customers, enhancing overall satisfaction.

What percentage of people had a positive experience interacting with chatbots, according to Uberall?

  • Answer: Approximately 80% of people interacting with chatbots report a positive experience.

What are the two main types of chatbots?

  • Answer: The two main types of chatbots are declarative (task-oriented) and conversational chatbots.

Benefits of Chatbots

How do chatbots benefit live agents?

  • Answer: Chatbots handle high-volume, low-urgency tasks, allowing live agents to focus on more critical concerns. They also provide relevant information to agents, ensuring seamless customer transitions.

What internal business solutions do chatbots provide?

  • Answer: Chatbots offer self-service options for employees, such as resetting passwords, checking system status, and accessing vital internal tools and data.

How do chatbots help businesses scale customer service?

  • Answer: Chatbots handle common inquiries automatically, allowing businesses to address thousands of cases without diverting live-agent resources, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In what ways can chatbots collect and utilize user data?

  • Answer: Chatbots collect user data while providing support, which businesses can analyze to build more targeted messaging and actionable customer insights, and to qualify leads.

Chatbot Technology

What core tasks do chatbots perform?

  • Answer: Chatbots perform user-request analysis to identify user intent and extract relevant entities, and they return accurate and relevant responses based on user requests.

What technologies do conversational chatbots leverage?

  • Answer: Conversational chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), natural-language understanding (NLU), predictive intelligence, and data analytics.

What is the difference between declarative and conversational chatbots?

  • Answer: Declarative chatbots are task-oriented, using rules programming to provide automated responses. Conversational chatbots are more advanced, using data-driven predictive technology to personalize interactions and anticipate user needs.

Use Cases for Chatbots

What are some common business use cases for chatbots?

  • Answer: Common business use cases include call-center support, enterprise support, and digital assistant services, which handle tasks like booking tickets, processing returns, and collecting feedback.

How do chatbots support call centers?

  • Answer: Chatbots handle common questions, schedule appointments, follow up on cases, and more, expanding the effectiveness and accessibility of call center support.

How do chatbots assist with enterprise support?

  • Answer: Chatbots integrate with enterprise back-end systems to help employees locate tools, access contact information, and provide reliable information on company policies.

What role do chatbots play in digital assistant services?

  • Answer: Chatbots serve as digital assistants, providing personalized solutions, making recommendations, booking events, and learning from user interactions to enhance the experience.

Specific Features and Functionalities

How do chatbots reduce users’ waiting time?

  • Answer: Chatbots provide nearly instantaneous answers and solutions, reducing the need for live-agent intervention and minimizing user disruption.

Why are chatbot responses often more accurate and direct than those of live agents?

  • Answer: Chatbot responses are preprogrammed and vetted, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and reliability.

How do chatbots handle redirects for inquiries?

  • Answer: Chatbots quickly identify user needs and redirect them to the appropriate agent, department, or resource for support.

What is ServiceNow Virtual Agent?

  • Answer: ServiceNow Virtual Agent is an AI-powered, intelligent conversational experience that uses natural language understanding (NLU) and pre-built conversational templates for HR, IT, and customer service scenarios.

What customization options does ServiceNow Virtual Agent offer for businesses?

  • Answer: ServiceNow Virtual Agent allows businesses to create declarative chatbots without NLU using advanced graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop options tailored to specific business needs.

Advanced Insights

How do chatbots help in qualifying leads for sales teams?

  • Answer: Chatbots evaluate leads using conversation data and other customer demographic information, helping sales teams focus on qualified prospects.

How do conversational chatbots personalize user experiences?

  • Answer: They adapt based on past behaviour, user profiles, and cultural awareness, tailoring responses and interactions to individual users.

What role do chatbots play in collecting customer feedback?

  • Answer: Chatbots can solicit user feedback during interactions, providing businesses with valuable insights for improvement.

How do chatbots initiate conversations with customers?

  • Answer: Chatbots can greet customers, ask if they need assistance, and share information about special deals, guides, tutorials, and related products.

Challenges and Considerations

What are some limitations of declarative chatbots?

  • Answer: Declarative chatbots function as semi-advanced, interactive FAQ programs and may fall short of providing in-depth, human-equivalent conversation.

Why might some users prefer speaking to human agents over chatbots?

  • Answer: Users may feel more comfortable and assured when speaking with a human agent for complex or difficult-to-resolve issues.

What is the importance of accurate user-request analysis in chatbot functionality?

  • Answer: Accurate analysis is essential for identifying user intent and extracting relevant information to provide valuable and correct responses.

How do chatbots support proactive customer engagement?

  • Answer: Chatbots enable businesses to initiate conversations and share valuable information rather than waiting for customer-initiated inquiries.

What kind of tasks can live agents focus on with the help of chatbots?

  • Answer: Live agents can focus on more critical and complex concerns that require human intervention.

How do chatbots enhance businesses’ operational efficiency?

  • Answer: By automating common inquiries and tasks, chatbots reduce the need for many live agents, lower costs, and improve overall business efficiency.

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