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ServiceNow Employee Service Management Interview Questions 2024

ServiceNow ServiceNow Employee Service Management is in demand, and so are its developers and administrators. I am presenting questions related to ServiceNow Employee Service Management basics, which are important from an interview point of view. Please go through it and give your best in the interview.

What is employee service management?

How ESM help organisations?

  • Boost employee productivity and engagement
  • Streamline employee processes
  • Create new ways to work
  • Foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Request legal support and services
  • Intuitively manage career growth and development

What is employee experience?

  • The term employee experience describes how employees think and feel through every single touchpoint during their time with a company.
  • Employee experience traces the entire employee journey, with the goal of creating a satisfied, dedicated workforce.

Why employee experience is important?

  • Yes, it is a fact and it is very important
  • More happy and engaged employees are naturally more productive—up to 31% more productive.
  • Unfortunately, while 85% of new employees start their tenure with a company feeling enthusiastic, that enthusiasm tends to drop off over time.
  • As their employees become less engaged, companies suffer. In fact, Gallup’s most recent State of the American Workplace report estimates that disengaged employees may be costing US businesses a combined $483 billion to $605 billion each year in lost productivity.
  • Employee engagement affects every aspect of a business. And, as a result, employee experience is of crucial importance.

What is the meaning of employee engagement?

  • Although similar to employee experience, employee engagement is actually something different.
  • Employee engagement describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee has to the work they are being paid to do.
  • An engaged employee is more productive and represents their company in a positive light, where a disengaged employee produces less, and represents their company more negatively.
  • Simply put, high employee engagement is a goal; tracking and improving employee experience is a strategy for improving employee engagement.
  • Employee engagement is directly connected to productivity and turn-over rates, as well as other important metrics of business success.

What is employee experience management?

  • Employee experience management describes the tools, strategies, and initiatives for improving each touchpoint along the employee journey.
  • In other words, employee experience management takes a detailed, analytical look at the employee experience, striving to understand the impact of touchpoints, events, and interactions on employee behavior and attitude.
  • The end goal of employee experience management is improved employee engagement, and all of the benefits that go along with it.

How to create great employee experience?

The path to improved employee experience will depend heavily on your industry, your company culture, and your individual employees. 

  • Identify top priorities
  • Do research and gather data
  • Define the employee experience you want to create
  • Empower action
  • Report back
  • Evaluate
  • Repeat

What is Workplace Space Management and its benefits?

Optimize workspaces with visual space planning, what-if scenarios, and data insights. Manage space to support evolving workplace needs.

It has many benefits:-

  • Track and manage the space lifecycle
    • Take control of the space lifecycle. Manage changes and track activations for better space planning
  • Identify opportunities
  • Support planning with visualization
  • Simplify workspace deployment

What are the features of ServiceNow Workplace Space Management?

  • Unified workspace planning
    • Plan, assess, and reconfigure your workspaces, all in one place.
  • Strategic scenario planning
    • Create what-if scenarios to analyze space options at the floor, department, and building level.
  • Stack plan visualization
    • Get visibility into stacked spaces, review space allocations, and drag and drop reallocations.
  • Automated moves and cases
    • Orchestrate moves for newly deployed scenarios and address relocations with automated case creation.

How ServiceNow Boost employee productivity and engagement?

  • Employee Service Management facilitates seamless digital workflows, including automated onboarding processes, to empower new hires right from day one.
  • As your employees progress in their journey with your organization, you can offer efficient HR and IT support,simplifying tasks like requesting time off, relocating to another facility, or upgrading equipment.
  • Communication via channels such as Virtual Agent for HR Service Delivery ensures your employees receive timely assistance, whether they are working remotely or onsite.
  • With intuitive workflows, Employee Service Management breaks down departmental silos, fostering collaboration and efficiency.
  • In a dynamic workforce, overcoming logistical hurdles with Employee Service Management ensures a frictionless employee experience and maximizes productivity

How servicenow Foster cross-functional collaboration?

  • Utilize Employee Service Management with other features of the Now Platform to optimize your employee experience.
  • By integrating Service Portal, Walk-up Experience, and Service Catalog with Employee Service Management, you can provide your employees with streamlined interactions and easily accessible services across departments.
  • When you supplement other communication channels with Knowledge Management knowledge bases and articles, and provide answers to your employees quickly with Virtual Agent, your employees can get the help that they need any time.

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