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ServiceNow Functional Field Demo

ServiceNow has amazing data holding capacity. You can find almost all types of fields to store the data and that could be any type of data. Where most of the fields store values in the database, the functional field gifts you the opportunity to display the result of a database query.

Yes, Create function fields and scripts in the Now Platform to perform common database transformations and calculations. Function fields do not have an associated database column. Instead, function fields generate a value based on simple computations of other fields and constants. They can be used like any other fields in the system: in forms, lists, query conditions, reports, and so on.

When to use a functional field?

  • When you want the most accurate result
  • Do computations on the available fields of the table
  • For a simple computation, it is better to use a function field or function script rather than store a computed value.
  • Another benefit of using function fields is that the database server performs the transformation rather than the application node.

Functional Field Example

You want to identify all incidents with a probably useless short description of fewer than 10 characters.

This requirement needs very basic computation i.e. to count the length of a short description of every incident. So, instead of writing a business rule or client script to count the short description, you can create a functional field that performs the computations on retrieval of incidents. You can use the out-of-box functions provided by mentioned in the link – Click Here

Here, I have created a functional field named Test Functional 2 and provided a functional definition as glidefunction:length( short_description). In the list view, you can see all the incidents with the length of the short description, and you can easily apply a filter among the records.

functional field (3)

Limitations of Functional Fields

  • Function fields cannot be directly audited or indexed.
  • Function fields cannot be encrypted since a function field value is never stored in the database.
  • Function fields cannot be converted to regular fields or vice versa.
  • Function fields that you create in the Reporting UI do not support dot-walking
  • Security is evaluated on the function’s components and the field’s calculated value. When used in visualizations, sections that contain information that the user is not permitted to see are hidden from the user.
  • Field function names must be unique.

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