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ServiceNow Personal Development Instance – A Complete Overview

ServiceNow is growing faster than expected. It is attracting a lot of new customers and this results in huge demand for ServiceNow professionals across the world. To make it even more powerful ServiceNow is providing free demo versions of its product. This is an amazing gesture of ServiceNow and an opportunity for anyone who wants to learn ServiceNow, get its live experience, practice to the fullest and get ready for the job.

It is known as the ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance.

What is a personal developer instance?

  • A free ServiceNow demo version.
  • Anyone can request it and start practising ServiceNow stuff.
  • It provides an instance with a ServiceNow administrator role.
  • With an admin role, you can do all types of stuff related to a ServiceNow administrator, developer and architect.
  • Most ServiceNow free & paid plugins are available for practice.
  • It provides a set of demo data as well, so you feel it is a real instance and practice.

How to get a personal developer instance in ServiceNow?

It is very easy to get your ServiceNow personal developer instance. Please do the following to get it:

  • Create an account on the Developer Site.
  • Sign in to the Developer Site.
  • Click on “Request Instance”
  • Then choose the release for your instance. Generally, we choose the latest release.
  • It may be possible that the instance is not available immediately, click on Join Waitlist and you will be notified as soon as the instance is available.
  • Once the instance is assigned you will get all details such as instance URL, username and password etc.
  • You can now log in to your instance and do any type of customization and configuration.

ServiceNow developer instance benefits?

There are various benefits provided with this instance.

  • It is free of cost.
  • It is almost a real experience of a live ServiceNow instance.
  • You can install even the paid ServiceNow plugins and use them. Such as discovery, performance analytics etc.
  • It has industrial standard demo data.
  • You can reset it at any time, in case of any issues.
  • You can use it for educational purposes as well.
  • You can do projects and POC in this instance and present it to clients.
  • You can upgrade to the latest release free of cost and on time.

ServiceNow developer instance limitations?

Although it is an amazing utility provided by ServiceNow. It has a few operational limitations as well.

  • It is a limited resource, hence you may have to wait to get it.
  • ServiceNow reserves all rights to it may make any decision on its availability and operations stuff.
  • It will be released automatically if there is no activity for 10 days (continuous). So, make sure you are active and keep practising.
  • It hibernates if no activity for 24 hours. However, you can wake it up anytime.
  • Once released, all your data will be gone.
  • You can’t publish any custom app from this instance.
  • It has a bit slow performance compared to other live instances of ServiceNow.

When ServiceNow developer instance hibernate?

  • It is again due to inactivity for a shorter period but it is not a release.
  • It’s like your instance will go to sleep and you have to wake it up.
  • But don’t worry your data and all configurations are safe in this mode.

Can we have more than one ServiceNow PDI?

  • No, you cannot with one email id.
  • You need an email ID to log into the developer site and only request one instance.
  • However, if you create an account with another email id you can get one from that as well.

How do you reset the password of PDI?

Yes, it is possible to reset the password of your personal development instance. Many times we need to change it such as when we forgot it, for security reasons.

Follow the below steps:

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • On the top right click on the icon showing your initials.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Manage Instance password.
  • Then in a new window, you see the current credentials and the option to reset the password as well.

How to install a plugin in ServiceNow PDI?

ServiceNow provides this amazing feature to add most of the available plugins into your PDI. This includes free as well as paid plugins as well. You can test, prepare and experiment on these things with no cost. Thanks to this amazing gesture of ServiceNow.

In PDI you can install plugins in two ways.

From Developer Site

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Activate Plugin.
  • Select/search the plugin you need and click the Activate button.
  • The process starts and you will be notified once complete via email.

From Instance

  • Login to your PDI
  • Go to System Definition -> Plugins
  • Search the plugin you need and click on the install button.

What is ServiceNow developer instance waitlist?

  • PDI is a limited resource of ServiceNow
  • When you request a new PDI, it may not be available immediately.
  • So, ServiceNow adds your request to the waitlist queue.
  • As soon as the resources are available, it is granted to you.
  • You will be notified by email about its availability.

How to reach ServiceNow PDI support?

You need to get in touch with support in case of any issue, query related to your personal development instance. In this case, you can do the following.

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Get Instance Help.
  • You see options for logging your issue, guide and other help.

How to release ServiceNow PDI and get a new one?

If you don’t want to use PDI, it is better to release it for someone who need it to practice. That’s why you have the option to release the ServiceNow developer instance.

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Release instance.
  • Provide reason for release and click Release Instance.

How to reset ServiceNow PDI?

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Reset & Wipe instance.
  • This will reset your instance to its out-of-the-box settings

How to Upgrade ServiceNow PDI?

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Upgrade Instance.
  • This will show your current release and options of releases to upgrade.

How to change roles in ServiceNow PDI?

  • Log in to the Developer Site.
  • Go to Instance Actions -> Change User role.
  • This will show your current role and options to change it.

In the end, I would ask you to take full advantage of this amazing free tool. It is one of the best things that ServiceNow provides to all its users who want to learn and understand ServiceNow in a free, easy and best way.

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