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ServiceNow Team Development Interview Questions 2023


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Describe ServiceNow Team development.

ServiceNow application that supports parallel development on multiple sub-production
instances. It allows multiple developers to work on separate development instances, promotes code sharing, and reduces collisions during development.

What are the features of ServiceNow Team Development?

  • It provides pus/pull record versions among sub-productions.
  • You can easily compare one sub-production to another sub-production
  • You can monitor the overall activities on a dashboard and take the necessary actions.

What is the instance hierarchy in team development?

  • It is the process of setting up parent and child development instances.
  • There will be only one parent and one or more child development situations.
  • One can do development in child and push it to parent
  • One can pull changes from the parent to make the local instance up-to-date.
  • compare local instance with parent and resolve collisions (if any)
  • All activities can be monitored via the dashboard.

What is the best use case for using team development?

  • In complex/big projects, it allows multiple developers to work together and do development work without the hustle of code collisions, promoting fast development.

What is the benefit of comparing instances?

  • Comparing features is very helpful in resolving any collisions between parent and child development instances.
  • It makes local and parent instances in sync, which avoids collisions.
  • It makes the development process so easy and hassle free.

What can’t you do using team development?

  • It is not recommended to use production in team development, only sub-productions should be used.
  • You must register one subproduction as a parent.

What are the precautions of team development usage?

  • The selection of parents should be done carefully.
  • Make sure t test properly after pushing on the parent and pulling from the parent on the parent and child instances, respectively.
  • Changing parents is not advisable as the system has to reconcile one more time, which takes time depending on the number of changes.

What is the architecture of team development?

What is best for installing applications from one instance to another: an Update set or an application repository?

  • An application repository is recommended.
  • It is so easy to pull applications from repository

Do all local changes need to be queued for push?

No. The developer has to analyze the changes and push only the necessary changes to the parent, ignoring the rest.

What caused the collision?

It is the difference between the pulled version and the available local version of same record.

What is a team dashboard?

  • It is the central place that provides an overview of the complete Team Development process in one place.
  • You can track local changes, pull versions, push versions, and compare instances all by using the dashboard.

What is a code review property?

If this is true, the pushed changes must be reviewed and either approved or rejected before they are actually committed to parent instances.

Can we change the hierarchy in team development?

  • Yes, it is possible.
  • If needed, you can change the parent.
  • However, changing parents triggers complete comparisons between the development and new parent instances.
  • This reconciliation takes time and involves possible collisions as well.
  • To manage it well, try to clone a new parent from production.

Can we compare the development instance with another peer instance that is not a parent?

  • Yes, you can do it.
  • It is possible to compare the local instance to any other remote peer instance and commit any current versions from the remote instance to your development instance.

What happens during a Pull?

  • Pulling retrieves all versions for changes made by users
  • That have not already been pulled onto the development instance
  • But during pull, you cannot choose which versions to pull
  • During the first pull, all versions are retrieved, and later only the latest one will be transacted.

What is an exclusion policy?

It is a set of rules created to exclude certain changes during pushes and pulls.

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