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What Is A Record Producer?

ServiceNow’s Service Catalog has a total of four types of items: standard catalog items, Record producers, Order guides, and Content Items.

Record producer provides a way to create task based records such as incident, problem , change request etc. via service catalog other than the standard catalog items related tables such as request, requested item or catalog task tables.

For example – Allow users to create an incident directly from service catalog.

Difference between Standard catalog items and Record producers?

Standard catalog ItemRecord Producer
Catalog Item will end up in opening a request and request item and attaches a workflow, catalog task, approvals etc.Record producer simply insert a record in the selected table
With catalog item, You can add multiple items to cart and generate request and multiple RITM’swhere as a record producer it only creates a single record on target table
Use a catalog item when you want to generate a request, complete with a workflow, approvals, tasks, etc.Use record producer, when you want to gather some information using a form (variables) but create some other type of record (incident, change, enhancement, etc.) as a result.
It uses workflow to set the fields of Requested Item and catalog task tables.It uses script to set the related tables fields.
Create records for Requested Items, Catalog Tasks & Catalog Request tablesCreate record for any types of task related tables such as incident, problem, change request etc.

How to Create Record Producer?

You can create a record producer for tables and database views that are in the same scope as the record producer. Also for tables that allow create access from applications in other scopes.

  1. Navigate to All > Service Catalog > Catalog Definition > Record Producers.
  2. Click New or select the record producer to edit.
  3. Complete the Record Producer form.
  4. To add attachments such as information and instruction documentation to the catalog item, see Add an attachment .
  5. Click Submit.After you submit the form, the VariablesVariable SetsCategories, and Catalogs related lists become available.
  6. Open the record again to define variables for the record producer.

What is Record Producer Script?

  • Script is one of the important part of a Record Producer.
  • Work at server side just before the record is creeated.
  • Used in populating values of the new created record.
  • Current object is available to access the record being created
  • Producer object is available to access the values of variables of record producer.

Video Tutorial

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